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Mosaic Workshops שיעורי פסיפס לילדים שיעורי פסיפס למבוגרים

My workshop provides an environment that will motivate you to start on your next or even first mosaics project. The aim is to obtain mosaic techniques intended for both indoor and outdoor decoration (mirrors, table tops, vases, wall ornaments, name plates and many more). Workshops photos

The primary material in my workshop is ceramics, which is inexpensive and easy to find. You will learn to handle ceramics cutters in order to create your own mosaic pieces. You will use as well Stained glass, Smalti, Stone etc..You will learn how to plan and elaborate a project from idea up to realization. For this we will be using the two methods for mosaic laying:

  • The direct method (used, for example, for mirror frames).
  • The indirect method (for example, for table tops).
Mosaic Workshops


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