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Micka Feinerman, born in France, 42 years old, mother of three adorable children. I have been living in Israel for 8 years. Upon arriving in Israel I had the opportunity of attending a jewelry making course. I was delighted with the course that above all helped me discover the pleasure of manual handmade crafts.

Jewel making is an art of precision, neatness in which, not unlike mosaics, the finishing touches comprise an important step. I've acquired a solid base that allowed me to teach myself the techniques of the craft of mosaics.

With mosaics, colors have appeared, blending and linking in an endless passionate game. I had chosen ceramics as my working material as it is an inexpensive material that allows, today, a variety of choices for color and texture. I'm using as well stained glass, smalti, stone...etc.

I find my main inspiration in nature. Mosaics has given me a different eye for the world around me, bringing me plenitude.

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